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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  January 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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to get your co-pay today. are you a fan of beer packs you might be breaking a law you know existed. >> i'm deborah takahara. currently the only people allowed to homebrew in colorado are the heads of the household. it's been a loss since 1970. lawmakers want to change. box they wonder -- foxy when denver chosen church has been looking at what they can use to pass the time. >> exactly to this tax codes to be resigned revised and budgets to be discussed. sometimes you click at the outdated, maybe silly laws like he is allowed.
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plenty of speeches, a ton of elevator rides. all lot of lobbyists panic is a big sense that lawmakers at discuss the joy of beer. in this case representative steve hartsock tackling an old law. wants to make a sony adult over 21 can homebrew. currently you must be the head of a household in order to concoct the -- of your dreams. >> has been been posted for violating the homebrew law. >> .plus the because the state statute states that if you are head of family, it really puts you can homebrew. >> hello seem to exist all through colorado. aspen you can throw snow belt and boulder in p-uppercase-letter older. some times out of date of beer. lawmakers together. bill has arty cleared his first committee.
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like jason. >> it is a cool concept. others wonder are there more important things that lawmakers should be discussing. >> are at their marketing. things like homelessness. the sedative says this is serious, wanting to fix more outdated laws in the months to come. peanut think it's impressive to remove it. statues. it's absolute critical that we do that. that's one of the important things that we do down here. and the sedative action hopes of formal committee is created so that outdated laws can be updated as for the homebrew lock of it as democrats and can support which means it looks like it will pass. cheers to that. foxy when denver. >> you've been for the gop candidates to the presidential election was no time returning to the campaign trail at the the final debate for the caucuses. marco rubio make jokes about donald trump's decision not to attend speaking to voters today
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an opportunity to talk. >> i had this thing going on this night, this debate. it was a lot of fun. actually have a little bit more time than usual. is a little more time missing or something. >> trump held a campaign event of his own at a location about three mouse way. state during an event in new hampshireclick cancel. she took a chance by not participating and he thinks he did the right thing. developing right now in denver, metro denver crimestoppers is offering a report of up to $2,000 for information leading to an arrest in a homicide investigation. authorities want to know if you recognize the man in these surveillance photos. he's a person of interest us saturday of privileging kinds outside a shopping center in peoria street. they have any information on the case, police want to hear from you. three inmates escape last week from the california jail and are back in police custody. tops tonight's news across america.
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spy on the streets for santa anna today and said he wanted to turn himself into police believe he may have thrown -- stolen white man after he is get from joe with other inmates. those men remain on the run. the carolina panthers i could see paul. now he is putting up. with the principle of hers at the panthers didn't make it, he said. whistle blew and stand on the side of the street. here. this wasn't enough to teach a lesson because woods has been against the panthers in the super bowl they would he says he will stand outside bank of america stadium and only a tutu. >> we look forward to that. dozens of football fans will converge on downtown denver but the kickoff of super bowl city. police on homeland security.monitor the weeklong festivities especially wake of the terror attacks in san bernardino.
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>> the bustle along will kick up a notch come saturday. came down to see it. san francisco is just three days away from supposed the sound of drills, please on motorcycles. and streetcars can be heard from dawn until dusk. crews are plastered in adult ads on skyscrapers, setting stages for concerts and breaking of the metal detectors. >> right now they have no credible threats to this event. >> the city is activated its emergency operations center, yet. and north and pilfering intelligencer to measure any potential threats. police chief greg sir set the terrorist attacks did affect the way the city train for the super bowl. they are just like the broncos the panthers pr team as they prepare, i put this up, this is our plate. police fire and emergency management have been working together until sender. this plan.
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the crowds come gridlock. this was the scene at drummond washington street at 3:00 this afternoon. black lives matter, the justice for more you coalition occupied announced this week they put in a protest in march in some capacity around noon. there were often. is the go with these events. everything that we can to facilitate the first amendment rights of the people that are demonstrating people trying to get inside supposedly, there will be tight security. know that if you plan on paying it back, it has to be less than 18 inches by 18 inches. so bad. like officials say can register for emergency text alerts by texting alert and theft at 888-7777. despite the pass, fans say they broncos fan. >> putting the games on tv, it's bronco fans. >> looking forward to being in your element finally. >> absolutely, yes. >> that was tara murray yartey
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>> what does it take to become a snow sculpting champion. artist around the world of competing for the honor this weekend in breckenridge coming up see their final masterpieces and find out what price they are buying for at the end of all their hard work. >> they are going little wild and wacky from a weapon. this event to michael phelps distracting a basketball player. raul martinez will have it for you coming up next. i'm dave fraser, keeping a close eye on two storms darkening colorado. first went in tonight, the
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thirty snow into a work of art. is happening in breckenridge is thousands of spectators and artists from around the world gather for the 26th annual snow sculpting championship. 426 years teams from around the area come here to make this from this and just 65 hours. >> i would say it is a
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no power tools allowed. the only all-girls team and this is competition. >> it's going to be -- and that is hanging upside down. >> a stylish bat hanging upside down. >> take really big snowballs to a giant human skull a watching them being carved to life is half the fun. france, germany, great britain, mongolia. fall of them competing, not for cash but for this. one little tiny blue metal the cost about 25 bucks to make. but he think of. a lot of talent went into this.
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they do it for the glory. dan daru, foxy when denver. i can only described as a roller coaster ride. this team still standing heart for a shot at a lombardi trophy. peyton manning's working indoors because of the windy conditions. he had a big spell it is based because his team was great today at practice. the panthers quarterback cam newton keeps to be a pretty serious these days but the soon to be mvp of lake has given the team headaches and a white that -- and linebacker von miller will
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there's no doubt -- >> i wouldn't even -- as i played quarterback, i more out. he's what of my favorite quarterbacks. >> i do the same thing. if i was the quarterback and i would be doing the exact same thing that he is doing. >> head coach gary kubiak said he trusts the team met to make any silly mistakes in the days leading up to the super bowl. he does have his captains. that's like. manning and demarcus ware to ensure he keeps the guys in line. manning has a very specific role in his teammates are not real big fans of it. >> set the curfew, set the curfew, basically. i said at nine and that didn't get a lot of positive reviews. so demarcus said he was going to have to take some time to think about that.
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come to agree and so a be ten, 10:30, right in that area. >> not see him. he. of broncos local on both sides of the stadium. no panthers logo. probably the grounds crew. to denver's on the wrong side, so they had to start over. you want to get away. it. bad omen for carolina? may be. here's a good omen. have you seen this guy before. >> he is carolina panthers vanity also a rapper and he is going viral. here is why. >> carolina panthers with sharp teeth and -- i love him. the panthers voice is amazing. he's made some more and i tweeted out one of his latest
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this is also remaining -- this is michael phelps in a speedo trying to distract and oregon state player shooting a free throw. he missed both of them. fun. and the guy next to him, they make it even better. he's also got the browns should untie.
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time doing things like that. it's going to be all about life radar and the snow of the coming in and waves. as you can see right now, not a lot going on. later tonight and there comes the next wave that will come into the mountains. the going to absorb more stuff that on saturday people feel a bit of it and the bigger storm
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that will be when they get so sunday and monday. northwest plateau and southern mountains, this looks to target the northern and central mountains including right up love the continental divide. that's the winter storm that stays out until early on sunday. high temperatures today little better. gunderson was warmer and steamboat was warmer people bit more in the mountains. by far the warmer temperatures for northeast colorado in the '60s and the south and east. denver's 55 points again for the third straight day in the normal of 44. outside right now the mostly cloudy skies and with 4946 in the southeast wind at 7 miles an hour. the wind was noticeable to the day today. the strongest wind is here. up with higher terrain piece of the future cast windspeed spirit the continental divide. at times through the day tomorrow and tell a cold front drops and in the afternoon right there and when that cold front
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will get a little bit us now. there is the first wave coming in from salt lake getting deep and heavy into early tomorrow morning. clouds in the morning sunshine in the afternoon. more clouds at the lunch hour and here comes the cold front. couple of snow showers will hit the denver area at about 8-8:30 tomorrow night and then dived to the south. i have to roll out that this is our accumulation. you can see especially to the south side of town that you can get up to an inch. this first wave coming in saturday definitely targets the mountains. watch it play out here on the wider view as the snow comes in tonight. heavy into early tomorrow.
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second wave, that's the metro as we get it tomorrow night is the cold front comes in. a little bit here. here's your's note is that get pushed in and a lot of places. they will get more saturday night and into sunday. temperatures tonight will be in the teens and 20s to 30s from telluride to grand junction. left 30s on the eastern plains. not a bad night and then highs tomorrow, one more warm day with 40s and 50s and 60s, if you 70s possible and that is the warmth for the snow -- storm. the cold front comes in a marinate, the big drop in temperature as we get into your sunday. here's her temperatures, nice 150s and 60s across most of the metro. will be a 40 degrees at 9:00 tonight. will wake up a little bit of sunshine and topping out at 56 with the snow showers around 8:00 tomorrow night. been a snow shower on sunday, sunday just kind of a lopid the cold air is in place and here comes the big storm. sunday night monday night due to come a lot of snow, very heavy at times. was a very cold until we get the thursday and friday when we warm up and then check it out, there it is for this is what we are looking at as up first gauge. think it is a good 6-12 inches up front range and some spots in the mountains will go better than 2 feet and we could see some 13, 14 inches on the sell side of denver pizza get yourself ready for that. people are wondering what is park is going to be tomorrow. the ask. who better to ask demarcus ware pretty else is out that period. >> here it is pretty special guests, number 94. marcus where coming up and there -- a little top that time. i've got forecast for you.turn it over to go and get defensive forecast for the week that you will be in san francisco. >> if you have done this before? >> never done this before. >> left and right. on cam newton, you just let me. >> let's go. >> you're in the bay area, monday morning. >> goodbye snow and hello, son. in san francisco on monday is going to be 55. and separates is the know it's going to be pulled damp. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday we get a little bit of sun. >> the camera is over here. >> saturday's the same way.
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it's going to be able temperature is going to be a little bit cloudy. so we're looking for? we are looking for a little bit of rain bout of year. i know here for the denver broncos. when you to also prefer the rainbow. we've got to taste the rainbow. go to skittles and follow schedules -- with a pack of skittles and root for the rainbow. >> go for the san francisco skyline pbl get skittles and you will give us the broncos win on sunday. >> any predictions for the game? >> we are going to try to come out winning.
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